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Bureau of tooling and machining

A good life is something one achieves but not asks for. 

Yakov Tsvetov, “Story of Kirill Orlovsky” 

We understand that a businessman shall not only earn money and refill one’s bank account but be socially responsible as well. That is why we try to support those who desperately need our support! However, there are some limitations we stick to: we don't help the poor, unemployed disabled people and don't make any donations to the church. 

Our company has already started to support a youth hockey team “Metallurg” (Karabash). We encourage and support young people practicing sports as we are sure that the youth is our future! 

We always try to facilitate a professional, sport and intellectual development of the employees from our organization if we notice the desire and interest on their part. For example, some of our team mates practice “management dueling” (two managers are placed in the conditions of a simulated conflict situation they need to resolve) and even succeed at some championships which is naturally has a positive influence on the professional activity. The costs for their training are offset by the company as it concerns our future. 

We are ready to support the children from orphanages but not by giving them toys, clothes, etc., we offer employment in our company for summer/winter holidays. We will find an interesting and useful activity for them! Besides, we will be glad to employ students from technical universities for the period of the paid pre-graduation training. More than once the students became our full-time employees after the practical training. For example, Eugeny Podchinenov undertook the pre-graduation training at our company in 2014 and now he is a leading engineer of the Design Department. Take your chance!

M.Krushina, Head of the Law Department