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Bureau of tooling and machining

Good afternoon one more time, colleagues. You’re on the official website of BTOMO, LLC. Here you can find and read comprehensive information about our company, products and services necessary for the solution of key and auxiliary production processes. Besides, you will find various reference materials — GOSTs, TCs, sketches, drawings, etc. In due course the website will accumulate the contents and it is possible that even now you will highly appreciate the variable and comprehensive information we provide: photos and videos, excursion over the production facility and…

We will tell you about our leisure activities and maybe, disclose our «non-secret» hobbies although our main hobby is our job, at least, this is true for our key employees. Indeed, the key employees of other companies are fond of their work as well. Is it true for your company?

The company started its activity in 2006. Our specialization is machining and producing general engineering parts: shafts, gear wheels (cylindrical and bevel ones), die tooling, box-type workpieces. We specialize in the development and manufacture of non-standard metal forming equipment, industrial lines and units and their upgrade. Supply geography — all Russia and CIS countries.

Various machines — software-based and universal ones, applied technological processes, highly qualified specialists — from a worker to a designer, provide for the shortest possible terms of the manufacture of products with any typical sizes for mechanical engineering, metallurgical, mining and other industries.

Well-developed partnerships with the companies and scientific organizations of the Ural region and Russia stipulate for unlimited opportunities to manufacture complex parts, assemblies, units.

BTOMO, LLC is interested in becoming your committed partner in all the spheres of its activity with a strict observance of agreement liabilities.

Best regards S. M. Litkovets Director of BTOMO, LLC