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Bureau of tooling and machining

Spare parts for lifting and transport equipment


BTOMO, LLC, produces and supplies spare parts for lifting&transport equipment.
Parts may be produced both according to customer's drafts and our own designs.


Quality assurance

Part restorative maintenance

All parts are produced according to the standard technical documentation: GOST, OST. All shipped production passes control of the QCD. All products are supplied with quality certificates and, if needed, quality certificates for the material used for production.

Apart from producing new spare parts, BTOMO, LLC, uses advanced technology for a complete renovation of crane wheels, shafts, sheaves, drums, units, etc. by hard-facing and spattering. Operational life of renovated parts is comparable to that of the new ones but the costs are 2-3 times lower compared with production ones.

Main items of available parts and lifting&transport equipment units