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Bureau of tooling and machining

Production and machining

BTOMO, LLC, possesses modern metal cutting equipment which significantly reduces production costs, manufacture time, self-cost and provides for the opportunity to guarantee a high product quality. The company’s specialists are ready to perform all types of component and spare parts’ machining of any degree of complexity. 

Our company is the supplier of equipment and spare for the companies from various industries all over Russia and CIS.




MZMZ-VMM, OJSC — Magnitogorsk Plant of Mechanical and Installation Workpieces — Vostokmetallurgmontazh. 

Our long-standing partner. We have already produced and keep producing virtually all varieties of die tooling, including T-tubes, concentric and eccentric reducers with the diameters 426/377 mm and more, matrices and male dies to correct return bends produced by means of hot and cold die forging with the diameter up to 1,020 mm.





Yekaterinburg Non-Ferrous Metal Processing Plant, OJSC, Upper Pyshma 

In compliance with the design documents provided by the customer we managed to produce dies for platinum bar cutting although the initial material, platinum, was not provided for the internal tests .





Svarog, LLC, Novokuznetsk 

We produced a non-standard tooling (for swages) necessary to produce high-pressure sleeves (HPS).


We take orders on part machining and production and are interested in becoming your committed partner in all the spheres of our activity with a strict observance of agreement liabilities.

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