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Bureau of tooling and machining

Large-dimensioned parts

BTOMO, LLC, produces large-dimensioned parts in compliance with the part drawings, sketches or even pieces.

CNC machines use

Reduces time for production preparation, cutting tool costs and, consequently, the product cost and manufacture terms are reduced as well. The production is performed with the help of boring-and-turning, milling-and-boring and other large-dimensioned machines.

Development of all technical documents

We develop design documents and a technological process for part manufacture. We comply with the required operation standards. It is possible to manufacture the parts in compliance with the customer’s drawings, sketches or product samples.

Perfect product quality, high-precision equipment

The machining of large-dimensioned parts with various sizes and forms is conducted at high-precision equipment. The smoothness of part surfaces corresponds to 5–7 roughness grades (Ra 6.3–1.6) and 6–9 precision classes. Applied equipment provides for the manufacturing precision to hundredths at the part overall dimensions of several meters.


We produce large-dimensioned parts with various intended uses

  • Various shafts including those with double helical teeth, guideways, box-type workpieces and components, wheel rims of a 5-meter diameter and more, gear wheels, rolls.
  • Spare parts for lifting and transport equipment: crane wheels, lift and sling hooks, brake drums, gear couplings.
Wheel rim and gear shaft
Extruder conductor casing
Bending floor steel 35GL
Shell ring, rings, shells, etc.
  • obrabotkazubev1.png Обработка зубьев крупномодульного венца_83
  • obrabotkazubev2.png Обработка зубьев крупномодульного венца_83