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Bureau of tooling and machining


BTOMO, LLC, conducts a wide range of metal machining works.

Boring and turning works

We produce and machine large-dimensioned parts. BTOMO, LLC, have high-capacity boring and turning machines. All machines can be re-equipped depending on the structure complexity.

Milling and boring works

We produce high-precision surfaces. We conduct machining of box-type workpieces with the help of all kinds of milling, boring and drilling equipment.

We perform boring and turning works of any complexity:

  • cylindrical and conic surfaces turning/boring;
  • circular grooves slotting;
  • radial turning;
  • drilling.
We perform the following works:
  • plain milling,
  • hole boring and reaming
  • annular groove machining and radial turning,
  • hole centering and counterboring.