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Bureau of tooling and machining

Dies and press moulds

BTOMO, LLC, conducts a full cycle of works on the design and manufacture of dies and press moulds starting from a 3d model creation and finishing with the ready part sample.



Application of modern end-to-end design systems (CAD/CAM) allows for the conduct of design and technological production preparation for dies and press moulds of any complexity within the shortest possible time.



Most dies and press moulds are subject to preliminary tests at our equipment and, naturally, final tests on the Customer’s equipment. The work outcome is the ready product and part provision in compliance with the agreed technical design specification and documentation.


 Examples of work performed

Press moulds
  • for thermoplastic injection
  • for transfer moulding
  • for vacuum heat moulding of sheeted polymer materials
  • for rubber technical goods


Import substitution? 100%

Compound die (drawing and blanking) development and manufacture to get food industry products. The die design documentation development has been conducted on the basis of a worn-out sample produced in Italy. The die is installed on the press machine Omera (Italy) with the effort of 120 tons. Die mould characteristics: shut height 318 mm, width 965 mm, weight 890 kg. 

In the process of design our specialists selected a material for die operating parts and the further heat treatment technology to provide for a working capacity comparable with the “original part”. 

At the moment the product is under operation at the customer’s place. 

BTOMO, LLC, is ready to design and manufacture dies and press moulds for various industries: aircraft and ship building industry, food, consumer goods manufacturing, refining, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, etc. 

It should be mentioned that we are not Gods and don’t take all orders: each area has its own specific nature and it is impossible to be the one who “cures all diseases”. It is necessary to consider the project technical design specifications, product requirements and its subsequent operation. 

We’re looking forward to your orders!

Didn’t see the necessary GOST for the topic? Of course, the website is just a website, not some online storage facility. All standards and technical documents on the topic “Dies and press moulds” is located in our technical library. We can share the collected materials providing a preliminary official request received from your company. We can also exchange the materials we have!